Thursday, May 19, 2011

True Friends


It's been a really long time since I last updated my blog. In this entry I plan on writing about 'true friends' :)

Throughout the past years being in Manchester, it has really given me a variety of indescribable experiences, and yes, a VARIETY. hehe :)

But for now, I intend to share a few experiences which I would say priceless; true friends :) How would you actually define true friends? For me, it would be friends that would be there for you through your ups and downs in life, always there to support you no matter how, even if you don't ask them to. True friends.

I would say that my years in Manchester were kinda 'rough', if I were to recall back. Lots of things happened, mainly related to studies and health. Honestly chemical engineering and I were not really on good terms . I had trouble understanding some modules. I was really having a hard time actually trying to cope and 'survive' the course. Failures? Yeah, been through that. One experience that would never be forgotten actually. I remember the first failure I had was during the first add maths test in form 4. hehe. But, what's important is to learn from our mistakes and not to ever give up. right? ;)

During the 2nd semester in 1st yr, I fell sick easily. And to make it worse, a lymph node under my jaw started swelling. It was like me having a double chin. I went to the GP for a checkup but the doctor referred me to the hospital instead. scary. but after discussing with my parents, they suggested that I go back to Malaysia and get treated there instead. So, I went back to Malaysia during easter break and had a checkup at the hospital directly the next day. The doctor suggested that I undergo the operation to remove the swelling. I was admitted in the hospital for 5 days and on the day I was about to be discharged, the doctor held me back and gave a bit of shocking news. I never expected it to be serious. A biopsy was done on what was removed from the operation, and I was diagnosed with, lets say X. After hearing the doctor's statement, the only thing that I thought of was that I was really thankful and grateful to Allah that it was X AND NOT, lets say Y (the one people fear the most). I didn't dare look at my mum's face because I knew she was really sad. I comforted her saying that it's alright and not to worry because we should be thankful that it was not Y but only X and inshaAllah still curable since it was diagnosed at an early stage. My life, was then, full of tablets and capsules, as I was on medication for six months. But all I can say is, Alhamdulillah :)

With regards to past events above, my friends have always been there for me. Since I stayed in halls of residence (Bowden Court, Grosvenor Place) during my first year, I was closest to my friends who stayed in Bowden court too, Chaq and Eiy, as our flats were just next to each other and that we always bump into each other around GP. Being such good friends, they insisted on sending me off to the airport when I had to go back for the operation. I'm close to other friends too mainly from the same batch as me namely, Waneey, Anam, Ain and all my usrahmates. They all sent such encouraging text messages when I was back in Malaysia and Anam even called me after my operation all the way from UK to get updated on my condition. All these people have been the ones I have known since I first step foot in Manchester and they are the ones that know me best. They have always been supportive up till now, and I'm really grateful to have such friends in life :) Below are some text messages from these people I treasure, that show their concern and have always been there for me during my ups and downs in life :)

ooo... eh dah lama aku x tanye ko ni.. ko nye condition tu cne? ubat2 dah abes? dh check dgn doc?

huhu. xleh tido. aku riso psl ko. jgn sedih2 tau. aku xnak kawan ak sedih.
awk ade kelas ke? ok x? sy baru bace msg awk td. huhu. awk tensen nih :(
salam farah. semoga dipermudahkanNya urusan awak. inshaAllah semua sisters mendoakan yang terbaik untuk awak. Jia you! salam syg
all the best farah! ktorang support ko!
ttbe rase nak wish goodluck lg tuk study ko fara. ni wish tuk bulan nih. aku pulak yg rase riso. ko janji buat the best k. aku bley kasi support and doa je. jgn stres2 sgt ea. slowly but surely :)
orait, jia you farah! inshaAllah everything will be fine yg penting berusaha! doa akan dimakbulkan ketika kt berusaha bak kata ustaz pahrol, buku di mana Dia di hatiku ;) kami akan doakan yang terbaik untuk suma.
ko boleh farah! nnt dah smpai msg ak.. k? huhu doa byk2.. solat malam jgn tinggal..
farazzz~! np. ko tuh jg dri baek2. jgn stres sgt tau. relax2 bnykkan doa and slwt. tanak stuck mcm dulu lagi dh tau. insyaAllah rmai yg doakan ko. hv faith. believe in urself n Allah the Greatest. take care tau2!
all the best my frenz!.. jgn sesekali putus asa !.. slagi ade chance.. strive for it ! .. :)
All the support my friends have given me, no matter how I express my gratitude, it won't be able to repay their kindness. I'm sorry for all my wrong doings and any misunderstandings that may have occurred between us. Sorry if it looks like I have not been appreciating your kindness all this while, but please do know, that I am really thankful and grateful for all that has been done and also the gift of friendship Allah has given us. Alhamdulillah :)


Anonymous said...

sayunya aku baca entry ni fara~~~

farah eliza said...

chaqzz! eh jgn sayu2, nih entry sbb ak terharu selama nih ;)hehe. just need you to know, that no matter in what way I've changed, you'll always still be my good friend okiee ;)

~ain~ said...

adakah ain yang di mention or the other ain?? but any how, thanks for everything farah! menjadi kawan farah, banyak mengajar ain dari segala segi.. macam farah cakap dlm entry ni, kawan2 sentiase support farah.. yes we are and will always be.. =)